Many Questions Over the Murder Of Chairman Of Credit Switch Tech In Ikoyi


The gruesome murder of the chairman of Credit Switch Technology, Chief Ope Bademosi has raised many unanswered questions.


Bademosi, a Lagos Socialite, was allegedly hacked to death in his apartment on Onikoyi Lane, Parkview Estate in lkoyi area of Lagos State by his Togolese cook Sunday Anani.


The cook, aged 22, has, however, denied culpability over the murder of his master.


Suspects in the Lagos Police Command’s custody, undergoing interrogation, include the deceased’s wife, Ebun; the Togolese cook Sunday Anani; the security guard and two others said to be the cousin and brother of the cook.


Recall Anani, who was engaged in Ondo town was later taken to Lagos by the Lotin of Ondo and three days after settling down in his new environment, allegedly hacked his benefactor to death.


Also, reports had it that the deceased was reportedly hacked to death after the wife left the house suggesting that the killers may have been lurking around the vicinity waiting for the right time to strike.


Vanguard was informed that the security man was at the gate house while the agent of death walked in and out unnoticed.


It was when the wife returned from the bank that she reportedly woke up the security man before he could open the gate for her.


He was said to be asleep that early morning.


Cook denies culpability


The cook, who denied killing his master, alleged that no fewer than six unknown persons walked into the house through the front door, met him in the kitchen, threatened to kill him if he failed to lead them to the masters bedroom.


He alleged that his master was tied with an apron taken from the kitchen and killed after he failed to offer them the money they requested  with a knife taken from same kitchen.


The suspect later fled Lagos and resurfaced in Ondo town where he was apprehended by the Police.


He reportedly left for Lagos without informing anybody of what happened to his master until he was arrested by detectives in Ondo State barely 12 hours after he was declared wanted by the Lagos Police Command.


Questions agitating the minds of the people include: Was the Lagos Socialite killed over a business deal that went awry,family or marital squabbles or over alleged domestic vengeance from his cook?


However, the cook sang a new song that he was innocent of the crime when he was paraded before newsmen by the state Police Command in Akure.


He could not give a satisfactory response to why he fled Lagos for Ondo town after the murder of his master without raising the alarm, reporting  to the family or the police what happened.


Narrating his own story the 22 year old Togolese cook, said: “One of the killers dealt me a blow when I wanted to shout and others stood at the door.

“After I showed them the masters’ room they knocked and Oga was naked and they all rushed into the room and were asking for money.

“Oga said he had no money that he can transfer money to them but one of them said no that they would be traced if the money is transferred to their account.

“They insisted that Oga should give them money and when he gave them what he had they said it was not enough and they dragged him to the bathroom.

“It was there they tied him up and killed him with a knife one of them took from the kitchen.”


Suspect has made confessional statements – Police


Spokesperson of the Ondo Police Command, Mr. Femi Joseph said: “What I can tell you is that the suspect (the cook) had made some confessional statements and how he killed his master but I can’t divulge it now so that it would not jeopardise our investigations.

“It would be recalled that the Togolese cook of Chief Ope Bademosi allegedly stabbed his boss to death and ran away.

“But fortunately for us the DPO Fagun, Ondo town, SP Olajide Samuel and his team were able to track and arrest the suspect along with two other suspects in Ondo town.

“He has given us useful information but because the case happened in Lagos State, the Police Command handed him over back to our men in Lagos State where the incident happened.

“We don’t  want to talk too much about the suspect for now, because he’s still giving us useful information in order not to jeopardise our investigation. He has said many things that would be helpful to us but  we still want to remain silent on the information.

“He has been giving us some information and as soon as we complete our investigation here in Ondo and Lagos states, we shall surely let Nigerians know what really transpired and how the incident took place.

“We have done the major aspect of the job by arresting him, so whatever happens later we will let you people know.”


However, a top police source told Vanguard that the denial of the cook that he was not the killer was a “cock and bull story” to divert attention and evade prosecution.


Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the source told Vanguard that the cook carried out the dastardly act when the wife of the victim left the house for the bank that morning.


The police source alleged that the suspect increased the volume of the sound system in the sitting room to suppress the shout for help by his master before he reportedly stabbed him severally. He alleged that the suspect hacked his master to death inside the toilet, left the blood stained Apron and knife there before he fled the house.


Bademosi’s family want justice


Meanwhile, the family of the deceased, speaking through Fiyinfoluwa Bademosi  appealed to the public to disregard various statement circulating on the social media over the death of their benefactor.


In a statement, Fiyinfoluwa said: “The family appreciates the genuine condolences and prayers from all and sundry, as we mourn the departure of a great man, business icon, community leaders and a loving family man.

“I want to use this opportunity to appeal to all our friends, associates and the public in general to please disregard any statement from any quarters other than from the immediate family which I solely represent and solicit for your continued prayers and well wishes.”


We’re awaiting autopsy report – Lagos Police boss


On his part, the Lagos Police Commissioner, Mr. Imohimi Edgar said the command was awaiting the autopsy report on the deceased.


Edgar said: “It is the autopsy that will give us more insight into the murder of the man.

“The DNA experts, who we sent to the scene of the incident, have brought blood samples, fingerprints which are currently being analysed.

“In addition the autopsy will determine the time of death. We must get all this information before we let members of the public to known what happened and how he was murdered. But just be aware that we are expecting the autopsy.

“It will not be fair to give further information on such a high profile murder. The command will not make further comment until relevant inform we are expecting comes in. We also remember that the investigative team sent to the scene has condoned off the area and took some sample.



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