How Governor Lalong Has Rescued Plateau From The Wilderness



Governor Simon Lalong



The administration of Gov. Simon Lalong was greeted with much expectations from the people of Plateau, especially those of the APC affiliation and persuasions. 


He came to power on the platform of a protest vote against what many views as dynastism and ethnocentrism. Many believed that he will unite the people and build Bridges across the multiple ethnic groups in the state.


With his slogan tagged as a rescue mission, his mission statement and campaign promises centred on:


  • Economy
  • Security
  • Infrastructural development
  • Education
  • Youths and women empowerment
  • Agriculture and tourism etc.

His promises were to:


  • 1.Rebuild or complete the Rock hotel along new JUTH lamingo
  • 2. Recover BARC farm from the former governor of Adamawa state which was sold during the era of sir Fidelis Tapgun while he Lalong was his legal adviser.
  • 3. Reconstruct the Jos main market.
  • 4. Continue the agriculture activities at ASTC etc.
  • 5. Completion of the stadium project
  • 6. Construction of the Maza road.


Today, his first tenure has come to an end and all those things he promised, aside from the show of blasting of the market he did weeks back remain vague.




  • 1. Completion of the road from secretariate Junction to Mararaba Jama.
  • 2. Construction of the road from Maiyango junction to Rukuba.
  • 3. Maintenance of the road in dilimi, and other axis within the city.
  • 4. The completion of the old airport Rayfield road.
  • 5. Completion of the little Rayfield yelwa club road.
  • 6. Award of contracts on road construction in some local government as postulated.
  • 7. Payment of salaries.
  • 8. Regularization of appointments and reinstatements of sacked workers.




Since the inception of this administration, Plateau has been faced with numerous challenges like:


  • 1. The unwarranted invasion of villages by Killers herdsmen or unknown gunmen in places like: Riyom,Bladi,Bassa,Bokkos, part of Mangu and Jos south etc. 
  • 2. The debate on ranches, grazing reserve and cattle colony. The worries of the people is the unclear position of the governor on these Issues.
  • 3. Ethnic fatalism and discrimination. The governor has caused more division among the people than before. 
  • 4. Lack infrastructural development like roads, schools and other public edifices.
  • 5. Poor outing on education and health sectors.
  • 6. Lack of employment to the youths.
  • 7. Unprecedented crisis and conflict in the state despite the over appraised restoration of peace by his administration.
  • 8. Kidnapping and armed robbery.
  • 9. Destabilization traditional institutions 




It is pertinent to note, the challenges ahead in his second term in office are numerous. He must shield his sword and unite the people. He must take infrastructural development seriously. 


He must handle the issue of security with maximum esteem.


He must resettle the IDPs and rebuild their homes.


He must work on the economy to create employment to the teeming masses. Reconstruct the market. Complete the Zaria road stadium and maza road. Open up the city for new opportunities. Respect traditional boundaries and customs of the people especially the Berom nation.


Wishing Plateau the Best ahead of tomorrow’s continuation of the said rescue administration.


Written by:

Rwang Patrick Stephen

Department of political science,

Federal University of Kashere Gombe State


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