The Challenges To Be Tackled By The Incoming Governor Of Zamfara



Alhaji Abdul’aziz Abubakar


The days of politics are over, unto governance.


The governor Yari administration in Zamfara state has come and gone. The new administration is set to carry on with the huge responsibilities it will inherit from its predecessor.

Some of the challenges include:


1. Banditry activities

2. High rate of poverty and poor population

3. A population with high health infrastructural demands.

4. Education and eradication of illiteracy. 


Zamfara state has become a theatre operation for the bandits over the years. The ravaging activities of this group caused the outgoing governor to withdraw his position as a chief security officer of the state. These criminal minds have sacked many villagers and render thousands homeless.

The goal mind in the state is said to be the cause of their violence over the state.


The failure of security agents to curtailed and put a stop to these activities has proven to be abortive. The quest for state police is said to be the prospect and only way out.


The incoming government have this to battle with. The government of Zamfara must take these banditry activities serious. He must work assiduously hard with the federal government, deployed new strategies to tackle the problem bedevilling the state for the past two years and more.


On poverty eradication, he must have an open door policy to enable him to bring in new hands to fight the high rate of poverty in the state. He must train and retrain the youths in the state.


Eradication of illiteracy is another foundational and fundamental Concern that the new government must take seriously.  Health insurance and assurances is another angle the new administration must work upon. The health of the people must be strengthened. If facilities are put in place to handle any outbreak of diseases, it will no longer become a punishment from God as out gone will refer to it. Zamfara state is a critical state to give attention.


The question is, will the APC in few months time blame the PDP for poverty, poor health insurance and insecurities in the state? Hell no, it inherited the tremendous challenges from this 29th of May. Appraisal should be what he will get. 


But he must hit the ground running immediately. The responsibility in the state is extremely huge. Zamfara leadership is not going to be a tea party. All hands must be on deck to liberate the state from bandits and fatalism of crime.


Certainly, the federal government should extend maximum assistance to the new government of Zamfara state. Zamfara remains a consequential state in the North-west like Borno is in the Northeast.


If the insecurity in the state is not handled sequentially, it may continue to have multiple effects in it sisters of Katsina, Jigawa and Kano. 


I wish the new administration well in this challenging assignment he has taken. All Nigerians must pray for him. Wish him the best and remain hopeful that the bandits will withdraw from their evil acts.


Written by.

Rwang Patrick Stephen

Department of Political Science.

Federal University of Kashere Gombe State.


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