Beauty Queen Accuses Pageant Organizers Of Offering Victory In Return For S*x


Miss Earth contestants were plagued by a “creepy” sponsor who offered them victory in return for s*xual favours, the UK winner has claimed.


Abbey-Anne Gyles-Brown, 21, said the man demanded the number of her hotel room and wanted her to join him at his house along with “s*xy dancing Latinas”.


But when she complained to the organisers, Abbey-Anne says they did nothing.


Abbey-Anne told The Mirror: “From day one he was a bit creepy. He tried to take each of us away, telling us he had historic artefacts upstairs but there was only room for one of us at a time.

“He was weird and we all said ‘no’. When I complained, my team manager told me he was just ‘friendly’. I was made to feel like I was being dramatic.”


Abbey-Anne, from Northampton, had won the UK event which claims to honour “beauty for a cause” and had flown out to the Philippines for the global version to compete against 86 other national winners.


The eco activist for Clean Up Britain had hoped her involvement in the event would give her environmental protection work a boost.


She claimed the man had given her his card during an official dinner on his yacht and told her she could call him at any time for anything.


Abbey-Anne said: “He said he could get me further in the competition if I gave him my number. It was in a public setting and I didn’t want to show myself up so I politely put him in his place. He approached again and said he had ‘sexy Latinas’ coming to his house to dance with him, did I want to join?”


Miss Earth Canada Jaime VandenBerg says she complained but nothing was done


In an Instagram post she wrote: “I enjoyed 50% of my trip but the other 50% was over shadowed by feeling exploited, vulnerable, unnerved and sexually harassed as I was approached by a sponsor on many occasions who asked for sexual favours in exchange for the Crown.”


Miss Earth Canada Jaime VandenBerg, 21, also claimed the same man had harassed her for nearly two weeks after mysteriously getting her phone number.


She said: “He told me he could take care of my needs and asked for s*xual favours to get me further in the pageant. I was disgusted.”


Jaime added on an Instagram post: “The experience with the pageant was not what I had expected. I left Miss Earth because I did not feel safe under their care.”


Another contestant, Emma Mae Sheedy, 18, representing Guam posted online: “He grabbed my bare backside at the National Costume Competition. He consistently told me not to tell anyone about any of the instances.”


The three women say they raised concerns with Lorraine Schuck, one of the heads of Miss Earth organisers Carousel Productions.


Abbey-Anne wrote: “[Schuck] informed me that the sponsor would be removed from all contact with contestants but this did not happen.”


However Ms Schuck said in an interview with GMA News that the sexual harassment issue was not brought up.


She said: “She never told us. She came here on the 6th, we found out about it on the 14th. She never told anyone,” Schuck said, adding that there were policewomen around to ensure the candidates’ safety.


The competition was won by Vietnam’s Nguyen Phuong Khanh, 24, on November 4.




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