5-Year-Old Boy Gets Expensive Mercedes After Doing 4,105 Press-Ups In 2 Hours (Photos)


Rakhim Kurayev got the brand new car


A close lieutenant of Vladimir Putin has gifted a new white Mercedes to a five year old boy – after he did 4,105 non-stop press-ups, Dailymail has reported.


Chechen strongman leader Ramzan Kadyrov gave Rakhim Kurayev the keys to the luxury car as a reward for the boy’s 2 hours 25 minutes achievement.


Dubbed the ‘Chechen Schwarzenegger’ the lad – still at kindergarten – is due to repeat the exercise in a world record attempt.


‘Let your father drive you around on this, you’re worthy of riding a white Mercedes,’ decreed the bearded ruler of oil-rich Chechnya.


It was unclear if taxpayers had paid for the £28,000 vehicle or if it came from Kadyrov’s personal wealth.


Pictures showed Rakhim, Duba-Yurt village, posing in the driver’s seat of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class vehicle without license plates.



He boasted to Putin loyalist Kadyrov that he could do more than 5,000 press-ups at one go.

‘The boy did the impossible,’ said Kadyrov.


‘We agreed to meet at a fitness centre and have a workout together.’


Kadyrov, who rules this Russian region with an iron fist, is widely criticised for alleged human rights abuses in Chechnya, ravaged by two wars since the fall of the USSR.


Of his gift of the car, he said: ‘From now on his father will be able to drive the boy to workouts without hiring a taxi.’


The 4,105 non-stop press-ups beats the world record but was not registered in Russia because officials were not satisfied with the quality of the video recording of his feat.



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