Truck Driver Killed In Zamfara Today By Unknown Men (Photos)



The vehicle in question


An unknown Hilux truck owner/driver was killed in the early hours of today morning by unknown men along Shinkafi road in Zamfara.


Efforts are being made by social media users to locate the family members and friends of the owner of the vehicle currently lying lifeless.


Sharing the photos of the car online, Facebook user, Yusuf Hassan wrote:


“This HILUX was found along Shinkafi road this morning. The owner/driver of the vehicle is killed!


Mr President Buhari this is what’s happening in Zamfara.


You’re voted in to protect the lives and properties of the people.


Lawlessness and ungoverned spaces in Zamfara, NW and hinterlands of NE aren’t priority for you Mr. President Buhari


People don’t want to used 2014 pressure, they don’t want to affect 2019, We will speak on Zamfara….


Seems ungoverned spaces only become a concern when it has political ramifications.


Today this traveler is the victim, you could be the tomorrow’s victim.”




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