Honest Security Guard Praised For Returning Lost Wallet Filled With Cash To Owner In Abuja (Photo)


The honest security guard and the owner of wallet


A security guard in Abuja has been praised for his honesty after he returned a lost wallet to its owner in Abuja.


According to Benjamin Akoh Wada, he misplaced his wallet filled with an undisclosed amount of cash and various bank cards both international and local.


The security man identified as Augustine Joseph, picked the wallet and called the owner whom he returned it to.


Read what Benjamin shared on Facebook on Friday (yesterday):


“I dropped my wallet at Charley Boy bus stop this morning containing at least 3 intl bank cards and 5 local bank cards and cash.

It was picked up by this security man (Augustine Joseph, Sisco Security coy)…

You can imagine my joy when he called me to tell me he had my wallet.

I won’t give up on Nigeria. It shall be well.”


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