Terrified Lady Shares Very Scary Experience During Flight To Enugu As Plane Nearly Crashes (Videos)


A Nigerian woman has told a really horrifying story about how she nearly became a victim of a plane crash.


The woman told her story on her page, PriceLessHairs on Instagram, explaining that today is officially her most memorable day ever, considering what happened.


According to her, she and many other passengers boarded a faulty plane whose AC system was not working. Shortly into the flight, they began to expedience a lot of hitches and nearly suffered a plane crash. The plane became chaotic as people raised their voices in prayer and clung to their oxygen masks.


However, they were able to land safely afterwards.


Many other passengers were terrified


Below is what she wrote:


“Officially the most memorable day in my life right now.. my testimony is that I am alive. Ok, flight was a 7am flight. We boarded but did not fly.


“After about 35 minutes, I realized the flight had issues as I saw some guys working on our flight engine, ok, after series of argument and quarrel between staff and passengers they told us to disembark from the aircraft.


“After series of quarrel they put us on another flight. This flight was not cooling. Someone like me spoke up and asked other passengers and crew members why the ac wasn’t working but crew member told me it will start cooling when we take off, so somehow I knew the air conditioning system wasn’t good and we just took off that way.


“15mins into the flight plane wasn’t moving smoothly so I decided to close my eyes and distract myself with music, next thing my neighbor woke me and said “use your oxygen mask, it was like a dream.


“Oxygen mask had dropped everywhere, plane had lost pressure,,,,I tried putting my oxygen mask but it cut and I saw small smoke from where it cut. Luckily nobody was seating near me, so I pulled the next one… most of the masks were not working, like my neighbor’s own wasn’t working.


“So after some time, that phase passed. We calmed down a bit. That was when I made this video. Next phase was the fainting phase as some people were losing consciousness so they called for medical personnel’s and we showed up and tried our best.


“Next and scariest part was the last one which I knew nobody recorded. The pilot announced we will be landing in 5 mins or 15mins (can’t remember), next thing I don’t know how to describe it but I think the plane lost control. I can’t even say this part. The plane was playing in the sky. I can’t describe it.


“This lasted for about 17mins I guess. I can’t describe this part but people called God and he answered and we landed. I don’t know how to say it, but there is God, just take it from me,,, that moment you look everywhere and there is no hope, that is when he proves himself God.”


Below are videos the woman shared to prove her story:




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