Upcoming Actress Forced To Kneel And Apologize To Seyi Edun For Trolling Her On Instagram (Photos)


The up and coming actress forced to apologize


A budding Nollywood Actress has been forced to tender a public apology after she called out actress Seyi Edun on Instagram.


It was gathered that, Kofoworola Adewale made a statement on Twitter which was considered bullying and she has now made a video apologising.


“Where Seyi Edun won see Belle una Don forget say she be Lord of the ring,” Kofoworola had said.


Well, Seyi Edun was not having none of that as she went after the bully and she didn’t go alone.



In a video shared on Seyi’s Instagram stories, Kofo is seen kneeling and at least two men were heard reprimanding her for using her phone to try to destroy someone’s life.


She was then forced to retract her statement and make an apology and she did this in a video while on her knees.


Watch video below: 



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